All hail the Naomi Rose

The classic red Rose symbolizes love and romance, making it the most popular choice for Valentine’s Day. A perfect way to show that special someone how much they mean to you.

Although red Roses are the most popular flower to give someone on Valentine’s Day, not all Red roses are the same. 

No other Rose in our minds would do - straight away we knew which Rose we would choose for our Valentine’s Day. We love the high-end Red Naomi, for us it is the perfect red Rose. It has a large flower head with some blooms having as many as 80 perfect velvety petals, a lovely rich ruby colour and a wonderful subtle, sweet fragrance. Its long vase life makes it superior in every way. We always source and stock the very best flowers, always going for something different and unique. Valentine’s Day is no different. We always want to give you the ‘WOW’ factor.

Red Naomi Roses aren’t cheap, but we think they make the best impression. You can buy different cheaper Roses from a supermarket, but the price difference is normally for a reason. They may use smaller headed Roses which may not fully open, they may have fewer petals and be of a lower grade and do they have that wonderful perfume? The presentation isn’t always great either.  We lovingly create wonderful bouquets, wrapped beautifully for a luxurious and thoughtful gift. 

There is nothing quite like the impact our lovely hand-tied bouquet full of beautiful scented Red Naomi roses can make. 

To order an amazing Valentine’s Day bouquet please visit our online shop where it couldn’t be easier to order something special for your honey or if you prefer please give us a tinkle on 01652 633323. 

All hail the Naomi Rose