Flowers are always a good idea

Flowers are always a good idea - but how can you ensure they stay fresh longer, so you can enjoy them as long as possible?

We have a saying in our shop; ‘Flowers are always a good idea’ for any occasion and all the moments in between. Unfortunately cut flowers will not last forever, but we’d like to share our top tips, so you can enjoy them for as long as possible.

Flowers like clean containers

If you’re like me at home, then there will be a fair few vases in the back of the cupboard collecting dust. So, the first thing to do is to wash the vase thoroughly, allowing it to dry naturally and upside down, rather than drying it with a towel. This helps to minimise the bacteria present when you add the flowers.

Flowers like conditioned water

We use tap water for our flowers in the shop, but we follow these simple rules to condition it first. 

Tap water needs to stand in the container for a while. This is so some of the air bubbles can escape. Air bubbles can get trapped at the bottom of the stems, which interferes with the water uptake of the flowers. 

The water also needs to get to room temperature. Flowers take up warmer water more efficiently than cold, so putting your flowers in water that is at room temperature is really important for their first drink.


Flowers like a bit of TLC

If you’ve been lucky enough to receive one of our beautiful arrangements, or are a regular customer in the shop for your flowers, you will notice how long our flowers last. This is because we make sure that they are loved from the moment they arrive to us, to the moment they go home with you.

When you are preparing flowers, you need to take off any leaves that will be below the waterline.

This is because if the leaves are submerged, they will introduce bacteria back into the water, which makes them decompose more quickly.

Place the stems next to your container to measure the right height for them to be cut (remember the golden rule, you can always cut more off, but you can’t put it back on!).

Cut the stems at an angle, with sharp scissors or a knife. This makes sure the cut is clean and doesn’t damage the stems, which could restrict the flow of water. Cutting at an angle creates a larger surface area at the base of the stem, allowing more water uptake. It also stops them sitting flat in the container. If you have any flowers with droopy heads, try cutting off about 5cm of the stem. 

Bonus Tip from our Supplier!

A great tip I received from my supplier…

He told me that if you have a rose head that is droopy, it could be that air is trapped in the stem, just underneath the flower head, so water cannot reach the flower. By using a pin or needle to carefully pierce the stem, you will allow the air to escape. 

Flowers love water 

Once the stems have been cut, it is important to put them in water as soon as possible. The reason for this is that the stems will start sucking in air and dust, which will clog up the base of the stems and prevent them taking up water. 

Flowers will last the longest if you keep them in a cool, draft-free location. Keep them away from radiators, heaters and direct sunlight, such as; on windowsills. Heat will cause the flowers to lose more water than they can take in, which will cause the flower to wilt. 

DID YOU KNOW: You should keep your flowers away from fruit! This is because some fruits release ethylene gas as they ripen, which can be poisonous to cut flowers, causing them to wilt and go brown.

Flowers need to be loved

To make your lovely flowers last as long as possible, take the flowers out of the container every 2 to 3 days to change the water, and to recut the stems. 

No matter how clean your container was and how careful you have been with cutting the stems, bacteria will start to grow. Bacteria will attach to the end of the stems, discolour the water or make it cloudy. 

By following these simple tips, your flowers should give you enjoyment for many days or even weeks to come.

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Flowers are always a good idea