Christmas Trees

Nordmann Firs are one of the most popular trees for Christmas. With their symmetrical shape, attractive foliage and low needle drop it's easy to understand why. 

Our trees come in a variety of sizes - give us a call on 01652 633323 or pop in the shop for further details.


TREES NEED  DRINK! - they all need a drink to get the through Christmas, just like everybody else so keep my water topped up.

DESPITE THEIR SIZE, trees behave similarly to freshly cut flowers. Removing the stumps 'sap seal' allows increased water uptake, which is key to maintaining a healthy tree over the festive period. 

NOTE: if you're not taking your tree indoors straight away, please store me stood in a bucket of cold water, outdoors in the shade.

Top tips for looking after your tree over the festive period

1. Keeping my net ON, cut 3-5cm off the bottom of my stump. Then (with my net still ON), take me indoors.

2. Once indoors, secure me in a water-holding stand, away from any heat sources.

3. Now you can take my net off (from bottom to top). Some needles will come off as you remove the net, it's normal.

4. Please water me straight away! Keep my water topped up or my stump will seal over and I'll dry out.